Zack Snyder To Helm Justice League Movie


Not only will Watchmen and 300 director, Zack Snyder be running the show on 2016’s Batman vs. Superman, he will also be helming a full-on Justice League movie, slated for release in 2018. Additionally, it appears that Ben Affleck, who will most likely be playing Batman in both films, will also be writing the script for Justice League. Personally, I think this is all great news. Snyder, as divisive as he is, both critically and with fans, is a guy who really respects the source material and enjoys making big, expensive, nice-looking superhero movies. And with the multi-talented Affleck taking up writing duties, I think we can expect both of these to be rock-solid. Another tiny tidbit that hopefully isn’t lost, it does appear that DC is slowly making headway on making a solo Wonder Woman movie, starring Gal Gadot as Princess Diana of Themyscira. I really hope DC is able to make this happen as well. There is no reason they shouldn’t be able to. More detailed info at the jump.

Justice League Movie to be Directed by Zack Snyder [Cinema Blend]


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