Ben Templesmith’s ‘The Squidder’ Is Coming

the squidder

Ben Templesmith, in my humble opinion, is one of the greatest artists in comics today. His art is grotesque, yet beautiful, and, most importantly, different. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that even comes close to Templesmith’s style. For those who have read his past works, which include 30 Days of Night and Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, this comes as no surprise. But, if you don’t follow Templesmith as closely as I do, then you may not be aware of his upcoming project, The Squidder.

In November of last year, 44Flood, the Chicago-based artist collective that consists of Templesmith, Menton3 and Kasra Ghanbari, ran a Kickstarter. Simply dubbed, The Squidder, it was an attempt to raise money to publish an original graphic novel from Ben Templesmith. Their goal, a modest $18,000, was subsequently blown out of the water within hours of the Kickstarter going live. I was one of those people, pledging money less than five minutes after it went live. I was there as the donations went past their goal, then past $50,000, and then past $100,000. In the end, 44Flood wound up raising almost $138,000, over 750% past their original goal. Because of this massive success, the book went from being 108 to 144 pages and free prints and bookmarks were given out with pledges.

Now, over six months later, the book is almost ready. Ben posted the following video to update supporters of the book:

THE SQUIDDER – Update 10 from 44FLOOD on Vimeo.

So, it looks like we can expect the full, “director’s cut” hardcover version of The Squidder to be shipped in July, and you can look for individual “floppy” issues in your local comic shop from IDW. Do yourself and Ben a favor, and pre-order this book. You guarantee yourself a copy, and you help Ben out. Do it and do it now.


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