HUGE Changes to Xbox One and Xbox Live


Microsoft has just announced several significant changes to the Xbox One console and to Xbox Live services. There is a lot of information, which is better summarized on Xbox’s website, but I’ll lay out the bullet points.

– In June, Xbox One will be available at $399 as a Kinect-less bundle
– Games With Gold is expanding to Xbox One
– Xbox Live Gold members will have access to deep discounts on games, media and DLC
– Entertainment apps, such as Netflix and HBO Go, will no longer require and Xbox Live Gold membership

These are just the basics, so be sure to read the full Xbox Wire post below.

On a side note, all of this news makes me incredibly excited for E3 this year. Sony no longer has the “lower price” platform to stand on, so the entire battle will be based around game exclusives. I’m very excited to see what both consoles have in store for us. This is a great time to be excited about video games.

Delivering More Choices for Fans [Xbox Wire]


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