Time To Get Serious

I am determined to make this blog into something that matters. It may not ever be an IGN or a Gamespot, but I want it to be something that I am proud of. I no longer want to regurgitate news that has already been posted by a dozen websites. I want to create original content that I enjoy making. My previously mentioned idea of starting a podcast is a part of that initiative. Eventually, I will have a fully functioning website, without “wordpress” in the middle of the URL. I am going to start doing full reviews of games. They won’t be epic thesis’ or anything like that, but just a few paragraphs describing different experiences with the games from my own point of view. The main goal of this blog/website is for me to have fun with it. If it turns into something, that’s great. If it doesn’t, and just stays this small thing, that’s okay, too. I just like to talk and write about things that I enjoy. And I intend to do so, with gusto. Look for my inaugural review in the next week or so. Watch Dogs is the first on my list!


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