Watch Dogs: Pre-Impressions


I am extremely excited to play Watch Dogs. I have my copy pre-ordered and fully paid off. I get to go pick it up when I get home from work. Ever since Watch Dogs was announced and we were shown that initial gameplay video, I have been excited. The graphics floored me and it made me extremely excited for the next generation of consoles. Even after a long delay, my anticipation has remained. Watch Dogs finally launched today, as what I believe to be one of the first next-gen games. This is all based on impressions I’ve gotten from around the internet. I have not played the game myself, as of yet. This is simply a quick post about how I feel about Watch Dogs and what I’m looking forward to doing.


The main thing that excites me about Watch Dogs, is it’s setting: Chicago. I recently started working in the Loop, and the first thing I’m going to do is try and find the building that I work in. I know it’s probably a long shot (nobody really cares about the West Loop), but I’m looking forward to trying.

I’m also looking forward to just enjoying how good-looking Watch Dogs is. This is the first game that has come out where I’ve thought, “This is next-gen.” Even if some of the mechanics are similar to other open-world games, none of them have looked this good. Cloth physics always get me.

All in all, I am pumped up to go home and play Watch Dogs. Delaying the game out of the holiday season was smart. Now Watch Dogs gets to dominate the end of May and the beginning of June, as no other AAA releases appear to be on the horizon. Look for my review here with the next week or so!


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