I’m Still Waiting For The Last Guardian

last guardian

We haven’t heard a single peep about Sony’s The Last Guardian for several years now. What happened? Will it still come out? Will it still be on PS3, or will it be a PS4 exclusive? None of this information is known. I have no personal insight on the situation, but I wanted to quick post this to remind people that this game still exists, and still could potentially come out. I strongly believe that we will see this released exclusively on the PS4, possibly as early as 2015. I reached out to a Sony PR rep, to see if I could get any kind of comment on the status of The Last Guardian. Will probably lead nowhere, but it is definitely worth a shot. Sony should know that people still care about this game.

last guardian 2


3 thoughts on “I’m Still Waiting For The Last Guardian

  1. There was an interview back in march where a rep from Sony said that the game is still on the table and that they appreciate the support game has continued to get. But to your point, they offered no other information other than that it’s coming and they want to make sure they take tier time ad do it right. Hopefully E3 has something on that regard, as a release date could be a big announcement.


    • At this point, this game has entered mythical status. If Sony were to announce it as a PS4 exclusive, it would be a very significant feather in their cap. I don’t have a PS4 yet, but this would probably convince me to buy one.

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