Stuck In My Dome – Disgustipated

tool undertow

This song is the very definition of a “deep cut.” Nestled inside the final track on Tool’s debut studio album. Buried deep inside of the nearly 16 minute final track, “Disgustipated” features a creepy, death march-type feel. With Maynard yelling over and over “THIS. IS. NECESSARY. LIFE. FEEDS ON LIFE. FEEDS ON LIFE. FEEDS ON LIFE.” etc, etc. A fun anecdote about how they made the sound effect for this song:

[Chris Haskett, then with the Rollins Band, is credited in the liner notes with “sledge hammer”, probably relating to the “three pianos and shotguns smashed with sledgehammers” on “Disgustipated”. Adam Jones recalls a story in which the band purchased two second-hand pianos with the intention of blasting them with shotguns in the indoor parking lot of Grand Master Studio and putting the resulting sounds to tape. Apparently the man running the studio was happy as long as they cleaned up the mess afterwards. Since the incident, Tool has been approached by other bands claiming to have seen the shotgun holes left by them in the carpark wall].

Now, give it a listen.


Stuck In My Dome: I Knew You Were Trouble


I really hate Taylor Swift. I don’t think she is talented, I think she’s a bad person, and most of her songs are derivative drivel about some dude breaking up with her. That being said, this song, though a bad song, is catchy. I am loathe to admit that this trash heap of a song is running through my brain. But, in all about honesty. If you want to hate yourself, listen to the song below. I will not be posting links to purchase the song or album, because you shouldn’t give her money.

Stuck In My Dome

Songs stuck in my head this morning:

elliot smith
Needle In the Hay – Elliott Smith

I watched The Royal Tenenbaums last night with my fiancĂ© and a couple of friends, and I can’t get the scene with Luke Wilson cutting has hair and shaving his beard out of my head. This song and scene together are so powerful and immersive. Absolutely love it.

Enema of The State
Adam’s Song – Blink-182

I think I’ve just got this song bouncing around because it is such a gloomy, grey day here in Chicago. A very depressing song, but I really like it, nonetheless.