E3 2014: No Man’s Sky

no man's sky logo

Prior to E3, I did not have this game on my radar. Though it was announced last year, I had not looked into Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky whatsoever. Now I have, and I am so excited about the potential for this game. I couldn’t possibly explain the entire premise of the game here, but the brief description off the game’s website does it pretty well:

“No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe. “

If that doesn’t get you excited, here are some of the key features of the game:

◾A TRULY OPEN UNIVERSE If you can see it, you can go there. You can fly seamlessly from the surface of a planet to another, and every star in the sky is a sun that you can visit.
◾EXPLORATION IS SEEING THINGS THAT NO-ONE ELSE HAS EVER SEEN BEFORE Every creature, geological formation, plant and spaceship is unique.
◾SURVIVE ON A DANGEROUS FRONTIER You are alone and vulnerable, and will face threat everywhere, from deep space to thick forests, barren deserts to dark oceans.
◾BUILD FOR AN EPIC JOURNEY Collect precious materials and trade them for better spacecraft and upgrades for your suit and equipment.
◾PARALLEL UNIVERSES Choose to share your discoveries with other players, or not. You will never see another player, but you could make your mark on their worlds as well as your own.

This game is launching as a timed exclusive on the PS4, but I would not be surprised to see this game make it’s way onto the Xbox One soon after. I haven’t been this excited about an entirely new IP in quite some time. Feel free to check out the gorgeous screenshots and the E3 2014 trailer.






E3 2014: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

The Wii U is finally getting it’s first Kirby game, in the form of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Touted as a spiritual successor to the DS game, Kirby: Canvas Curse, Rainbow Curse allows you to draw on the Wii U gamepad to guide Kirby through the world. Here are some quotes from the press release.

• Kirby comes to life in a world of clay, which creates a beautiful
backdrop for Kirby’s adventure.
• You take control of Kirby with the stroke of a stylus and draw on
the GamePad touch screen to guide Kirby through the world.
• Use the GamePad to control Kirby’s many transformations in
unique new ways.
• The intuitive drawing mechanic is a spiritual successor to
Kirby: Canvas Curse for Nintendo DS that builds on the game
play and takes it in a new direction.

This is one of my favorite announcments from E3, and makes me want to buy a Wii U even more. Expect to see this out sometime in 2015. For now, enjoy the trailer!

E3 2014: Star Wars Battlefront [3]

We got yet another teaser trailer yesterday for EA’s entry in the Star Wars Battlefront franchise. You see only a tiny bit of, albeit extremely early, gameplay, but at least we know that it is still coming. This is actually more of a developer vid doc than a trailer, but for a Star Wars nerd like me, it’s more than enough.

E3 2014: Dead Island 2


In another surprise announcement, Deep Silver has revealed Dead Island 2, the sequel to the surprise-hit original, Dead Island. I really loved the first few hours of the original Dead Island. The gorgeous resort setting sharply contrasted with the horrific events occurring on the island. Beyond the resort, I didn’t care much for the game, and wound up never finishing it. The difficulty spikes suddenly as soon as you leave the resort, causing the game to become frustrating and to highlight it’s flaws in the combat and traversal. If those issues are fixed, I’m willing to give Dead Island 2 a shot. Check out the box art and trailer below.

2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1

E3 2014: Rise of the Tomb Raider

rise of the tomb raider

One of the biggest announcements to come out during Microsoft’s E3 press conference this morning was the announcement of Rise of the Tomb Raider, a sequel to 2013’s critical success Tomb Raider. Here is a quote from the press release:

“With the power of the new generation, and our proprietary Foundation engine, our high octane action moments will be even more epic. Multiple locations around the world will be filled with exploration spaces that are some of the most beautifully hostile places on earth and over three times larger than we could achieve before,” said Darrell Gallagher, Head of Product Development and Western Studios at Square Enix. “Our digital actors will rival CG quality, and after hearing the cry from our fans loud and clear, we will put the tombs back into Tomb Raider, all in our gritty Survival-Action style.”

Taking place after the events of the first game, players will reprise the role of Lara Croft, now a bit older and world-weary after the harrowing events of the original game. I, personally cannot wait for this game, but it’s still a long wait until winter of 2015. This announcement trailer will have to do for now.

Pikmin Is Messed Up

pikmin 3


From the outside, Pikmin seems like an innocent enough game. It’s colorful and you have cute little buddies that follow you around. Said buddies assist you in fighting large fauna and collecting parts for your spaceship. Seems tame enough, right? You’d be wrong. Allow me to break down for you why Pikmin is a dark, malicious journey.

The story begins with Captain Olimar crash-landing on an unidentified planet. Entry through the planet’s atmosphere causes Olimar’s ship to break apart into roughly thirty pieces. Upon landing, Olimar discovers that he only has thirty days to collect all of the parts for his ship before his life support systems give out. The situation seems dire, until he discovers the Pikmin. Pikmin are a native species to the planet that are NEARLY EXTINCT. Olimar determines that he can essentially command the Pikmin to do his bidding with a whistle that is built into his helmet. Thus begins Olimar’s journey into brutal slavery and murder.

Pikmin marching to certain death

For the rest of the game, Olimar uses the Pikmin for whatever task he needs done. Whether that is carrying his shit, as he can’t lift anything on his own, or battling giant monsters. Olimar uses the Pikmin as unwitting labor to repair his spacecraft. The Pikmin become so dependent on him for survival, that if he abandons them, which happens often, they wither and die. When you take off in your spaceship, you get to watch the Pikmin that are left behind get brutally murdered by the nocturnal creatures. Olimar doesn’t care. He will also use the Pikmin as cannon fodder. He will throw dozens of them at giant creatures, and watches his charges as they are eaten alive, burned, crushed, or drowned. Then, when the giant creature is finally dead, with dozens of dead Pikmin surrounding it’s corpse, Olimar continues the savagery. Whatever Pikmin are left after these battles are then charged with carrying the corpse of the fallen creature back to their base, where it is immediately consumed. This then creates more Pikmin. And the cycle continues.

pikmin genocide
Wake up and smell the genocide

This cycle of slavery, murder, and consumption goes on for a full thirty days. Beyond this, if you get the “happy” ending, it is only assumed that this continues in perpetuity wherever Olimar winds up. In summation, Olimar is a murderer and a war criminal for using indigenous life for his own gain. This blatant disregard of life shows us that Captain Olimar is a sociopath and does not deserve to be the leader of an indigenous and simple band of creatures.

What I Want From E3 2014


E3 is less than a week away. Next Monday will mark the beginning of bloody battles between publishers, big and small, and console manufacturers. The most notable of these battles will be between Microsoft and Sony. With Sony pulling ahead in terms of console sales, Microsoft needs to pull out some big guns in order to gain some ground. There will be game announcements, passive-aggressive jabs and new trailers. But, what do I, a consumer, want from E3? There are a couple of things that are important to me, and I hope to see all of them at E3.

1) Exclusive Titles
Both Microsoft and Sony need to drop announcements. Big ones. Now that their consoles are the same price, $399, and their internal hardware is mostly the same, it all comes down to GAMES. Whether they are new or old IPs, it doesn’t really matter. They need to be games that strike a chord with their respective audiences. What are those games? I don’t really know. So many games are multiplatform now, the idea of a console exclusive is starting to dry up. The fact that Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are coming out on a Microsoft console is testament to that.

2) Fallout 4
This one is a long shot. And, if it is announced, we probably wouldn’t see anything more than a teaser trailer and maybe a release year (probably 2015/2016). That would be one hell of an announcement for Bethesda. It would give them plenty of time to get the hype train rolling and be able to take their time finishing things up. What if Sony or Microsoft was able to grab it as a console exclusive…?

last guardian
3) The Last Guardian
Sony needs to get ‘The Last Guardian’ back on track. There are rumors swirling, including a placeholder Amazon listing, indicating that ‘The Last Guardian’ may be closer than we think. Originally announced at E3 2009, this game has been a long time coming, and has the potential to be a system seller for the PS4.

4) Dashboard Update For Xbox One
The dashboard for the Xbox One isn’t bad, per se. It needs work. Compared to the elegance of the later iterations of the Xbox 360 dashboard, the Xbox One interface can occasionally be clunky and difficult to navigate through. With their dedication to monthly updates and constantly improving their system, this doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

5) Kirby For Wii U
If this is announced, I will buy a Wii U. The recent 3DS Kirby game, Triple Deluxe, was good, but I want a substantial, open-world Kirby game. I want to destroy the world with Kirby.

6) Jack Tretton

phantom pain
7) Long Gameplay Demo Of Metal Gear Solid V
‘The Phantom Pain’ is easily one of my most anticipated releases for the Xbox One. Hopefully, we’ll see it launch in 2015, but I’m not holding my breath for that one. I really like Ground Zeroes, and can’t wait to see that expanded upon.

8) 2014 Launches
We all know that the year following a console launch is pretty barren. We have Destiny, The Evil Within and a couple of other big games dropping, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple more. Would really help both consoles to get more titles out there this year, instead of jamming everything into 2015.

9) Halo 5 Gameplay
Halo 5 is my most anticipated 2015 game. I love Halo, and always want to play more. Hail to the Chief.

I’m sure there are a couple of other things I’m not thinking of, but feel free to add to this list in the comments on here, or on Facebook. The games are coming! Let’s get excited!

[BREAKING] Deep Silver and Crytek Announce ‘Homefront: The Revolution’

Looks like the Homefront franchise may yet be revitalized. Coming from Deep Silver and Crytek in 2015 is the sequel no one expected, ‘Homefront: The Revolution.’ See the full press release and trailer below.

Wage guerrilla warfare and reclaim the streets of Philadelphia in Homefront: The Revolution, a captivating new free-roaming FPS to be co-published in 2015 by Crytek and Deep Silver.

Coming to Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®4, PC, Mac and Linux in 2015, Homefront: The Revolution throws players into a near future dystopia. Catastrophic events have brought the United States to its knees and enabled the Korean People’s Army forces to impose a brutal military occupation. Trapped in this American nightmare, Philadelphia has become a police state, where surveillance drones and armored patrols keep her once-proud citizens at heel, crushing any dissent with totalitarian force.

To overcome their oppressors, players will have to engage in guerrilla warfare and use ambush, infiltration and hit and run tactics in thrilling un-scripted firefights. At every turn they’ll find a sprawling open-world city, in which recruiting fellow revolutionaries and building improvised homebrew weapons are just two of the keys to creating a powerful resistance force.

The Resistance flourishes far beyond the single player. Homefront: The Revolution supports up to four players in online Co-Op gameplay where you form your own resistance cell and become renowned as Heroes of the Revolution.

“Homefront: The Revolution stands out from the crowd by immersing players in a world where they’ll feel emotionally compelled to fight for their freedom,” said Hasit Zala, Game Director at Crytek. “We’re very excited to work with Deep Silver and deliver an experience that underlines Crytek’s commitment to quality whilst tapping into the huge potential we saw when we first acquired the Homefront IP.”

Homefront: The Revolution represents the first time Crytek and Deep Silver have worked together, with the two partners collaborating to release the game as part of a co-publishing agreement.

“Crytek has an outstanding track record of creating AAA action games. Homefront is a fascinating IP with huge global potential. With Crytek`s technical pedigree and Deep Silver´s publishing expertise, we will take the IP to new heights,” said Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver / Koch Media.

Developed by Crytek’s Nottingham studio, Homefront: The Revolution harnesses the latest features of Crytek’s CRYENGINE technology. On the ground, players will encounter a dynamic environment that looks and feels truly alive as day turns to night and storm clouds come and go – an authenticity that extends to the strikingly lifelike expressions, skin and clothing of everyone they encounter.

To find out more about the Homefront: The Revolution, and to watch an all-new trailer showing the game in action, visit http://www.homefront-game.com.

Fresh Screenshots for Metro Redux

In case you missed it, Deep Silver announced last week that they would be bringing re-mastered editions of both ‘Metro 2033’ and ‘Metro: Last Light’ to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can buy them separately, or as a complete package, dubbed ‘Metro Redux.’ This is one of my most anticipated releases this year. Check out these new screenshots and the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

Metro Redux - Preview 3

Metro Redux - Preview 2

Metro Redux - Preview 1

Jason Graves Scoring Murdered: Soul Suspect


This game hasn’t been on my radar too much, but this is some really cool news. Jason Graves, the BAFTA Award winning composer, most well-known for his work on the most recent Tomb Raider game and the Dead Space franchise, is scoring the upcoming supernatural detective game, ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect.’ This definitely piques my interest, as Graves’ music added so much to the Dead Space franchise and makes me a bit more excited for his upcoming work. Consider ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ back on my radar.