Fisher, Ford and Hamill All Appear In London


Filming of Star Wars VII has begun in London, and the infamous Star Wars trio, comprised of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill have all turned up in London at the same time. Speculation is abound at this point, but I believe it is safe to take this as a confirmation that all three will appear in episode VII, at the very least. Also, Mark Hamill was spotted sporting a grizzled, Jedi-esque beard, which makes me all kinds of happy [below]. More detailed info at the jump.

jedi hamill
Jedi Hamill with Peter Serafinowicz

‘Star Wars’ clues: Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill in London [Entertainment Weekly]


Lucasfilm Is Rebooting the Star Wars Expanded Universe


With new movies on the horizon, Lucasfilm is changing the direction of all of their expanded universe content. All old Expanded Universe stories will be under the new banner of “Legends,” as they will not be a part of the new canon that is being formed. I’m bittersweet in this. I grew up reading the Thrawn trilogy and the fantastic Rogue Squadron books, and I kind of wished that some of that stuff would make it into the movies. I’m sure elements of them will. Either way, there’s more detailed info at the jump and in the following video.

The Legendary Star Wars Universe Turns a New Page []