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dredd 2

In case you weren’t aware, 2012’s Dredd was fucking awesome. With great action, great soundtrack and spot-on casting, Dredd should have been a huge hit. But, it wasn’t. It fizzled at the box office, but wasn’t a huge failure, considering the film’s relatively low budget. But, it has found a home on DVD, Blu-ray and Netflix. The popularity of the film skyrocketed and now has a devoted cult following that is clamoring for a sequel. There have been a few rumblings around the internet that Dredd stars, Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby, who play Dredd and Judge Anderson, respectively, have been actively speaking about their interest in doing a sequel. In talking with the director, he’s expressed the same sentiment, but has made it clear that there is not even a script yet. It may be a few years yet.

In the time being, take the time to quickly sign the petition (linked below) to get Dredd 2 made. With all of the same people on board, I think we could have a huge hit on our hands. Would love to see them use crowdsourcing, either through Kickstarter or Indie Gogo. Only time will tell!

DREDD sequel campaign [2000AD]


Fisher, Ford and Hamill All Appear In London


Filming of Star Wars VII has begun in London, and the infamous Star Wars trio, comprised of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill have all turned up in London at the same time. Speculation is abound at this point, but I believe it is safe to take this as a confirmation that all three will appear in episode VII, at the very least. Also, Mark Hamill was spotted sporting a grizzled, Jedi-esque beard, which makes me all kinds of happy [below]. More detailed info at the jump.

jedi hamill
Jedi Hamill with Peter Serafinowicz

‘Star Wars’ clues: Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill in London [Entertainment Weekly]

Zack Snyder To Helm Justice League Movie


Not only will Watchmen and 300 director, Zack Snyder be running the show on 2016’s Batman vs. Superman, he will also be helming a full-on Justice League movie, slated for release in 2018. Additionally, it appears that Ben Affleck, who will most likely be playing Batman in both films, will also be writing the script for Justice League. Personally, I think this is all great news. Snyder, as divisive as he is, both critically and with fans, is a guy who really respects the source material and enjoys making big, expensive, nice-looking superhero movies. And with the multi-talented Affleck taking up writing duties, I think we can expect both of these to be rock-solid. Another tiny tidbit that hopefully isn’t lost, it does appear that DC is slowly making headway on making a solo Wonder Woman movie, starring Gal Gadot as Princess Diana of Themyscira. I really hope DC is able to make this happen as well. There is no reason they shouldn’t be able to. More detailed info at the jump.

Justice League Movie to be Directed by Zack Snyder [Cinema Blend]

Lucasfilm Is Rebooting the Star Wars Expanded Universe


With new movies on the horizon, Lucasfilm is changing the direction of all of their expanded universe content. All old Expanded Universe stories will be under the new banner of “Legends,” as they will not be a part of the new canon that is being formed. I’m bittersweet in this. I grew up reading the Thrawn trilogy and the fantastic Rogue Squadron books, and I kind of wished that some of that stuff would make it into the movies. I’m sure elements of them will. Either way, there’s more detailed info at the jump and in the following video.

The Legendary Star Wars Universe Turns a New Page []